COVID cases increase: SAMA says 'something happening'

COVID cases increase: SAMA says 'something happening'

Following the holding of the recent local government elections there's been a slight rise in the number of daily COVID-19 cases but the SA Medical Association says it still wants to keep an eye on the figures. 

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Ahead of the November 1 national voting event the association had warned that the 2 week period following would be an indication of how much of a super spreader the elections were. 

This week daily infection numbers started picking up with 789 new cases recorded in the past 24 hours while before the elections daily infections were in the low one hundreds. 

Dr Angelique Coetzee says they've already started seeing rising numbers particularly in areas of Gauteng.

"Now now KZN doctors have not complained but we've definitely had communication from doctors in and around Gauteng and they're definitely seeing increases of COVID cases", she said.

"There is a movement. There is something happening but only time will tell us wether it is something of concern or just a temprary increase", Coetzee said.

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