COVID-19: Ivermectin saga goes to court

COVID-19: Ivermectin saga goes to court

A group of health professionals are taking the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority to court after informal discussions over the use of Ivermectin fell flat.

Ivermectin Breakfast
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The group are lobbying for the legalisation of the anti-parasitic drug. It's been hailed as a wonder treatment for COVID-19 but is only legal for use in animals in South Africa.

The Authority released a framework for the use of the drug on a controlled and compassionate basis last week but medical professionals have argued that the process requires a section 21 application that is simply too long.

Local doctor, Naseeba Kathrada, speaks on behalf of the doctors.

"We are asking for the powers that be to give hope back to the people and trust back to doctors and as doctors we have to abide by an oath we took to do do no harm", she said.

"So what we are saying is give us access to the drug so we can use it for our patients with the right dosage, in the right setting and a controlled environment", Kathrada said. 

"We are not saying replace vaccine - we are saying let's use it together", she said.

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