COVID-19: Durban South parents keep children away from schools

COVID-19: Durban South parents keep children away from schools

School governing bodies within the Bayhaven area in Chatsworth say many parents haven't sent their children back to school.

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Some of the parents at 11 schools in the Durban south area say they refuse to put their children's health at risk - as COVID-19 spreads in schools.

At least 28 teachers and five learners in KZN have contracted the coronavirus since schools reopened last week.

Brandon Pillay is a representative of the chairpersons of the SGBs. 

He says parents have the right and a responsibility to protect their children first. 

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He said all parents have agreed to keep their children at home till we reach a peak and the number of cases starts decreasing. 

"Right now across the country we see no change in the number of cases, if anything it's increasing by the day and so we have to wait until we have some kind of hope of a decrease," he added. 

There are currently 3959 confirmed cases in KZN - while the national figure stands at 73 533. 

A total of 3 540 new infections were confirmed in the last 24 hours - with 88 deaths.

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