Court hears witnesses in Richmond rape case being intimidated

Court hears witnesses in Richmond rape case being intimidated

The Ntuzuma Magistrate's Court has heard victims and witnesses in the rape and sexual assault case against a Richmond Farm pastor are being threatened. 

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The 35-year-old man was in court this afternoon - for the continuation of his bail application. 

Investigating officer - Dorothy Khwela took to the stand - telling the court that witnesses have come forward and explained how they've received death threats. 

Khwela says one witness even said they'd been told a hitman had been hired to kill them. 

The officer says another girl had come forward - making similar allegations against the pastor. 

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She said a case would've been opened but the girl has disappeared. 

The pastor sat in court, resting his head against the dock while Khwela spoke. He shook his head and prayed during proceedings. 

Khwela says the victims looked to the pastor as a father. 

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