Macia's injuries caused by blows, kicks

Macia's injuries caused by blows, kicks

A pathologist has testified that the court had not been told everything pertaining to the injuries sustained by Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia.


Pathologist Dr Solly Skosana was recalled to the stand yesterday after Judge Bert Bam said he had more questions for the doctor.

Dr Skosana earlier testified that Macia had sustained severe multiple injuries, including injuries to his head and chest which impeded his breathing and resulted in a lack of oxygen, causing his death.

Macia died in a cell at the Daveyton police station hours after being dragged through the streets while handcuffed to a police van.

A video of the incident, which took place in full view of the public, went viral and resulted in the arrest of a number of Daveyton police officers.

Eight former Daveyton policemen - Meshack Malele, Thamsanqa Ngema, Percy Mnisi, Bongamusa Mdluli, Sipho Ngobeni, Lungisa Gwababa, Bongani Kolisi and Linda Sololo - have pleaded not guilty to Macia's murder.

Bam wanted to know from Dr Skosana if certain of Macia's injuries could have been caused  by him twisting around while being dragged, to which Dr Skosana said it was "highly improbable to imagine".

The pathologist introduced a fourth scenario which he said could explain some of Macia's injuries.

'Extensive injuries on his back'

He said not all of the injuries could have been caused either by the dragging, the the police struggling with Macia or him falling against a bench in the cell and it was likely that injuries to his toe, shins and testicles had been caused by kicks.

The extensive injuries on his back, which only became fully visible during dissection, were the type of injuries one usually saw when force, or repeated blows, were exacted to that area, he added.

The last two of the accused, Bongani Kolisi and former warrant officer Linda Sololo, concluded their evidence, whereupon the defence closed its case.

Kolisi testified that he had seen the van reversing shortly after he arrived at the scene, and that when he went to look he saw that a person was sitting at the back of the van.

Mnisi then arrived and told him they should go and fetch their vehicle because the crowd was threatening to burn the police vehicles.

He denied seeing Macia being dragged behind the van or further assaulting him in the cells.

The trial was postponed to Tuesday for legal argument.

(File photo: Gallo Images)

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