Coronavirus: How to protect yourself

Coronavirus: How to protect yourself

The Department of Health is urging South Africans to remain calm following widespread panic after confirmation of the country's first COVID-19 case. 

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Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says a team from the coronavirus Emergency Operating Centre has arrived in KZN to identify all those who've been in contact with the man who's tested positive for COVID-19. 

The ministry says the 38-year-old man landed from Italy this past Sunday - along with his wife and eight other people. Mkhize says the man didn't show any symptoms when he landed.

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Speaking in Parliament following a coronavirus debate this afternoon Mkhize urged calm. 


The World Health Organisation has advised global citizens to practice safe hygiene.

It has provided the following hygiene routines.

- Wash your hands -

It says people should was their hands regularly with an alcohol based wash. It says this method of washing will kill germs. 

- Avoid being in close contact with people -

It's says people should stand approximately one metre apart to avoid being possibly infected if a person sneezes or coughs. 

- Respiratory hygiene - 

It says if you cough, you should cover your mouth with your hand to avoid droplets being transferred. 

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