Cops hunt for alleged Cato Manor hijackers

Cops hunt for alleged Cato Manor hijackers

A couple that was hijacked in Durban's Cato Manor on Wednesday night is recovering from the ordeal.

Car hijack
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They were held up at gunpoint on Thanda Road just after 9pm.

According to the police, a 42-year-old man and his partner were accosted by five armed suspects.

It's alleged after the hijackers took their car - they forced the pair back into the vehicle and drove off with them.

Police say the man managed to jump out of the moving car in Waterloo - north of Durban.

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He was found by paramedics from Reaction Unit South Africa and treated - before being taken to hospital.

Police have confirmed the woman was later dropped off in another part of Waterloo and is safe.

Their cellphones were also taken. A case of carjacking has been opened. 

No arrests have been made.

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