Cops arrest eight in Wentworth after obstructing demolition of suspected drug den

Cops arrest eight in Wentworth after obstructing demolition of suspected drug den

Eight people have been arrested for trying to stop the demolition of a structure in Wentworth believed to have been used as a drug den.

Lauren Beukes

Residents of Lansdowne Road flats tore down the illegal structure on the premises yesterday. They were accompanied by police officers.

It follows a shooting near the flats on Monday night in which a 40-year-old woman was shot and wounded in the head after being caught in the crossfire. 

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She remains in hospital. Some of the residents believe the shooting was drug-related.

Police spokesperson Jay Naicker says as the community was about to pull down the structure they were met by a group of people who tried to stop them. 

"Police informed the group to disperse; however, they refused to comply and obstructed police officers from executing their duties. A total of eight suspects between the ages of 17 and 56 were arrested for obstructing police officers," said Naicker. 

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Councillor Aubrey Snyman, who was at the flats when it happened, says things got out of control. 

"What happened is that the police intervened and then they fired teargas, and they dispersed. Some of them were arrested and then the shelter came down." 

"The situation as far as I'm concerned was not called for but unfortunately because of certain individuals that resisted. Hence, of cause, the police had to take action." 

Naicker says police are patrolling the area. 

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