Consumers warned to approach Black Friday with caution

Consumers warned to approach Black Friday with caution

The National Credit Regulator is urging consumers to check their budgets and think twice before getting caught up in the Black Friday frenzy. 

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The NCR's asking consumers to be sensible about what they can and cannot afford. 

They are also asking people not to be blindsided by specials that will lead to unnecessary credit purchases. 

Spokesperson Didi Sebothoma says given the financial impact of Covid-19, the hype around next week's shopping extravaganza should be approached with caution. 

"If you swipe, you don't really see the money going out of your pocket. Where you have cash or smaller items, use cash, because once you see cash disappearing in your pocket, you end up being cautious in your spending. 

"Consumers should budget for Black Friday and if they have not budgeted for it, they can start budgeting for other sales."


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