Concerns over spread of bird flu linked to looting

Concerns over spread of bird flu linked to looting

There is concern within the poultry industry about the impact the recent riots and looting could have on the spread of bird flu.

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This is due to a break in biosecurity measures on numerous farms.

During the unrest, arsonists burnt down a Rainbow Chicken processing plant and several trucks during the riots in KwaZulu-Natal.

Farmer's Weekly reports that looters also stormed ten farms and stole about two million birds.

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Despite numbers of reported incidences declining, farmers were urged to be on alert and to report any signs of avian influenza to their nearest State Veterinarian for immediate investigation.

State Vet, Dr Patricia Froneman, previously stated that awareness is crucial.

"The field state veterinarians and animal health technicians are doing surveillance for avian influenza across the province and are also providing information sessions to the public and farmers in order to create awareness and faster response to possible new cases."

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