Communities urged to share with those in need during Diwali

Communities urged to share with those in need during Diwali

As Hindus and other communities in South Africa and around the world observe Diwali, the South African Hindu Maha Sabha encourages those celebrating to also use the occasion to reach out to those in need.


The festival of lights is anticipated to bring together the Hindus, Gujerati, Tamil and other communities for five days.

Ashwin Trikamjee the president of the organisation, calls all Hindus to say this is an ideal opportunity to bring light to the lives of millions who are in darkness.

 "These are people who don't even know when they going to get their next meal. Let's share on Diwali, if can share a few plates of food with those who don't have." 

Diwali is characterised by the lighting of lamps, the setting off of fireworks and the sharing of meals and sweets.

Trikamajee says Diwali represents a trial of good over evil.

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"But more importantly light conquered darkness. Light is knowledge and darkness is ignorance. That is why you will find lamps lit during Diwali to light up the lives of people. 

"Families getting together which brings light to everyone around them and in South Africa we are going through a period of challenges, poverty seems to be the order of the day."

The SPCA is urging pet owners to keep their animals indoors during tonight's celebrations as they are sensitive to them.

The animal welfare group says pets, particularly dogs, are sensitive to loud bangs and could end up hurting themselves.

It says shutting doors and windows will help minimise the sound of the fireworks.

The SPCA is suggesting playing background music in the house or leaving the TV on to mask the bangs from the fireworks during the displays.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has also shared a Diwali message, saying the festival serves as a reminder our diversity and humanity...


"Diwali is a reminder of our own personal resposibiltiy to bring light and hope to all those who suffer the effects of poverty, inequality, disadvantage and exclusion. 


"We acknowledge the considerable welfare efforts of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha and it's affiliates, the motto of the Maha Sabha, which translates as the whole world is one family, resonates with the African concept, Ubuntu."


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