Crew works to repair burst Durban water pipeline

City works to repair burst Durban water pipeline

eThekwini Municipality says technicians are working tirelessly to repair a burst water pipeline in the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve precinct.

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Martin Meyer

Earlier today, they traced the fault which has resulted in residents south of Durban not having water for two days.

Areas affected include, Northdene, Chatsworth, Shallcross, Klaarwater, Tshelimnyama, Dassenhoek, St Wendolins and Umlazi.

The municipality's Thulani Mbatha says the problem can only be attended to during working hours which has caused delays.

The city's apologised to those who haven't received water tankers as a result of some taking too much water, leaving nothing for other residents.

"We want to appeal to people to take a few buckets - especially if you have a small family - and allow the tankers to supply the rest of the community. It's very important that we try and share. 

"We're trying our best to ensure that all the work is done during broad daylight so that we are able to have have the water restored as soon as possible," he said. 

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