Chip your animals before Diwali: NSPCA

Chip your animals before Diwali: NSPCA

The National SPCA has appealed to pet owners to respect all cultures, religions and traditions as Diwali approaches. The annual Hindu festival will be commemorated on October 30, this year.

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The organisation says cases of dogs and cats going missing from their homes increase at this time of the year, adding that owners need to take responsibility and prepare for the festival.

Spokesperson Christine Kuch has urged pet owners to chip their animals - so that runaways can be safely returned.

"Come on everybody, if your animal isn't micro-chipped, go along to your local SPCA or your vet and have micro-chipped identification on your pets. Its also proof of ownership," she said. 

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Kuch is also pleading with pet owners not to give their pets human medication to calm them down.

"Consult your vet, who will be able to prescribe a tranquilliser knowing that particular animal. At home keep your animals in doors. Be with them if you possibly can. Some calming music and curtains closed would tend to muffle the sound," she said. 

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