UPDATE: Chilean tourist thought murdered

UPDATE: Chilean tourist thought murdered

Police are investigating a charge of murder in connection with the death of a man thought to be missing Chilean tourist Slavko Yaksic - who was reported missing in KwaZulu-Natal earlier this month.

Missing Slavko Yaksic

A relative identified a body at the Ladysmith Mortuary as Yaksic's this weekend.

Police say the man in Ladysmith was stabbed to death, but that they are still carrying out DNA tests to confirm - conclusively - that the body is that of Yaksic's.

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Yaksic  flew to South Africa with his girlfriend in early August.

They spent several weeks backpacking through the country together before she had to return home for work.

Yaksic, however, decided to stay on on his own.

The last time he touched base with his family, was in late September, when he said he was heading to Dundee.

He was due to fly home last week but did not turn up at the airport.

His family later learnt that he had not checked in for his flight.

This week, Yaksic's father and brother flew to South Africa to look for him.

Chad Thomas, of IRS Forensic Investigations, was also hired to track Yaksic down.

Thomas says Yaksic's father and a representative from the Chilean embassy identified his body on Saturday morning.

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