Cele vows action against instigators of Gqeberha violence

Cele vows action against instigators of Gqeberha violence

Police Minister Bheki Cele says action will be taken against those who broke the law during Wednesday's violence in Gqeberha.

Police Minister Bheki Cele Gqeberha violence
Twitter: Police Ministry/Lirandzu Themba

Chaos erupted yesterday following an accident on Durban Road between a minibus taxi and a car driven by a local businessman.

According to police, the situation escalated with at least eight minibus taxis, two cars and property set alight.

Some business owners were seen brandishing firearms during yesterday's violence.

Cele visited the Eastern Cape on Thursday.

He said they've held an emergency meeting with the leadership of the taxi industry, local business, and foreign shop owners in a bid to quell the situation.

"There were guns and firearms brandished around here, some of them fired. Police will have to find all the people that committed crimes, the arson and destruction. The Police will have to look and find those guns that were fired.

"We all know the Firearms Act, private citizens of the land they are not allowed to move around displaying their firearms publicly."


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