Cat rescued from 12th storey ledge

Cat rescued from 12th storey ledge

A video showing the rescue of a cat from a ledge on the 12th storey of a building has gone viral.

Cat saved from ledge
Photo from video

The SPCA in Singapore said it received a call from a concerned member of the public saying there was a cat on a ledge of a block of flats.

"When our rescue officer, Yao Huang, arrived at the block there were already two officers from Ang Mo Kio North neighbourhood police centre there. Yao Huang proceeded to the unit on the 12th storey, while the police officers remained on the ground floor, with an opened blanket, to assist with the rescue mission," the SPCA said in a post on Facebook.

After the cat was rescued, the owner was advised by the rescue officer to mesh up the windows and gate, to prevent the kitten from slipping out of the unit or falling out of the windows.

Take a look at the rescue...

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