Caster will need the right support following IAAF ruling: sports expert

Caster will need the right support following IAAF ruling: sports expert

If South African athlete, Caster Semenya' receives the right support, she will be able to weather the storm after today's controversial announcement of new international competition rules for female athlete. 


World Athletics Governing Body, the IAAF is introducing a new set of regulations for female athletes with high testosterone levels or hyper-androgenism - a move seen as targetting Semenya. 

The rules stipulate that women with higher levels of testosterone will have to take medication daily for six months before they can compete in the international meetings.  

The new rules - which are effective from November - cover races including the 400-metres, 800 and the 1500-metres.

IAAF President, Sebastian Coe says the new rules are about levelling the playing field to ensure fair and meaningful athletics competitions.

Dr. Kirsten van Heerden says it's imperative for the South African sporting fraternity to protect Semenya who continues to be under scrutiny.

"This ruling is going to call into question what it means to be female or a male. This ruling needs to start a debate around should we keep these categories, or should they change. It has to be done in a very sensitive way that doesn't put someone like Caster Semenya in the limelight in a negative way," van Heerden said.

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