Budget speech 2020: Opposition parties call for working solutions

Budget speech 2020: Opposition parties call for working solutions

A Budget Speech crammed with working solutions is what some opposition parties are calling for ahead of the all-important address on Wednesday. 

Tito Mboweni

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has his work cut out for him with calls for answers on how the government is going to strengthen the economy, redeem the country's struggling state-owned enterprises and improve service delivery countrywide. 

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DA Shadow Minister of Finance, Geordin Hill-Lewis says if the country fails to take control of its finances soon - it won't be able to afford basic services.

"There's no money left for basic services, so we have to get our national debt under control. We cannot use the credit cards to pay for a home loan, we to stop that and that's the number one thing that minister Mboweni has to present a credible plan to do."


IFP Deputy President, Inkosi Mzamo Buthelezi has appealed to Mboweni to consider other ways of raising money and not taxes.

"We are not that that the VAT would increase, but understanding the state of our economy and the demands that the government must meet - but that also will actually hurt more to those that are very poor."


Freedom Front Plus leader, Pieter Groenewald says privatising SOEs would be the best solution.

"We see that government cannot manage them and we say they must privatise. There is no doubt on our minds that, that is the only solution."

"We need clarity on what is going to happen with Eskom on the financial side. Secondly, we need to know what they are going to do, to ensure that we have economic growth."

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