Bomb scare in Durban office park
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Bomb scare in Durban office park

The bomb squad is currently scouring the Musgrave Office Park after calls were received about a possible bomb.

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According to the office manager of CyberTek Kas Gounden, staff from the Musgrave Medical Centre which is one of the buildings in the office park, received the calls earlier today. 

Gounden says they work in another building in the same park and were evacuated adding that they have been waiting outside the building for about two hours now. 

Gounden says at first she thought it was a joke.

"I was at the office and I noticed all the people running to their cars leading out of the escape gate. I asked them what happened and they said there is a bomb scare and they asked me if I hadn't been notified about it. 

"I said no, let's confirm. I asked one of the staff and they said all the cops are there and there's definitely a bomb scare," she said.


The bomb squad is currently scouring the building.

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