Bluff man (71) goes head-to-head with home intruder

Bluff man (71) goes head-to-head with home intruder

An elderly Bluff man was left battered and bruised after going head-to-head with a home intruder. 

Bluff man (71) goes head-to-head with home intruder
Lauren Beukes

Edward Gribben said he was woken up at 4 am on Thursday by the shattering of one of his bakkie's windows.


The 71-year-old said when he looked outside, he spotted someone in his yard. 


He said he was not going to sit around in fear.


"Instead of just standing on the side and behind bars, I felt like a hero and went outside, and he hit me with garden shears over my head. I was hit all over with the garden shears. He was trying to kill me. I have Blue Security, but the panic button is in the other house - in the granny flat.


"We had a really big fight. By the time I managed to get to the main house and press the panic button, he followed me there and hit me with a few more shots on the head with a plank. He couldn't get me down, but I was nearly dead." 


Gribben sustained injuries to his head, back and arms. 


Police say the suspect fled with some stolen items but was later tracked down to a bridge where the items were recovered. 


The man allegedly resisted arrest and drew a knife. A security guard shot him, and he was taken to hospital.


Brighton Beach SAPS are investigating cases of assault, theft, malicious damage to property, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and attempted murder. 


Gribben said it was the second attempted break-in at his home, and this left him paranoid.


"When I sleep at night, the slightest noise will wake me up." 

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