Below average rainfall expected this Spring

Below average rainfall expected this Spring

Prospects for above normal rainfall in Spring are not that good but the possibility still exists for above average rain in early summer.

Spring Day 1st day

This is according to the South African Weather Service's Cobus Olivier, who says the first rains of Spring are generally impacted by what is happening with the Indian Ocean Dipole.

He says conditions in the Pacific Ocean, which include the Enso systems El Nino and La Nina, have greater influence on South Africa's summer rainfall conditions. He says there is still a lot of uncertainty.

"Now currently and unfortunately, the conditions over there are a bit of a mix bag - what's currently happening there is basically in the neutral phase. It's not really showing us a very clear indication at this stage. Most models are currently showing above normal rainfall prediction for the early summer [however] there is some uncertainty," he said.

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