Beach-goers flock to Umhlanga after lifting of ban

Beach-goers flock to Umhlanga after lifting of ban

Bathers have been flocking to Umhlanga main beach after an almost four-month ban was lifted. 

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Recreational activities weren't allowed at Durban's northern beaches after a toxic chemical spill from UPL's Cornubia factory in July triggered major health concerns.


But locals and out-of-towners took advantage of Durban's hot weather this past weekend after the ban was lifted on Tuesday.


A couple visiting from Howick said it's great and it's their first swim in the last few months.


 "It's lovely seeing people out on the beach, suntanning, swimming and it brings a family back together.”

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They said it was frustrating to be here in December and to have the beaches closed by the president.


 “Every time we come here the beaches are closed."


A local vendor said business was very slow and there were hardly any customers on the promenade. 


“Everybody was scared to go into the water until the beaches reopen. Now that they are open, more customers are coming in and people are walking around, buying coffee. But compared to other years, business is down.”


A restaurant owner said reopening the beaches is a shot in the arm for local businesses. 


“There has been an increase in business since the beaches reopened but we have a long way to go. Unfortunately the last year has been awful as far as business went.


“We will never be able to recoup our losses but at this stage we are just taking it month by month. And we are looking forward to a good December and January.”


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