Bathers warned of full moon spring tides

Bathers warned of full moon spring tides

The National Sea Rescue Institute is urging bathers and beach goers to be cautious around coastal waters in the next few days.

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NSRI Spokesperson Craig Lambinon says full moon spring tides have resulted in higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides - since Friday. 

There are two high tides and two low tides daily that are expected to occur later on each day.

"Spring tides are known to cause stronger than normal rip currents and risks are normally increased at the tide change, when the high tide peak recedes towards low tide. NSRI is appealing to the public to be cautious around the coastline," he says.

Lambinon says the spring tides will gradually recede.

"The spring tide effect on the coastline will gradually recede into the middle of the new week, so this weekend and in the early part of the new week, be extremely cautious."

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