Anti-speeding measures needed to reduce road deaths: expert

Anti-speeding measures needed to reduce road deaths: expert

Transport experts say there are three major areas South Africa must address to curb the high number of road fatalities.

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"Getting the speed of vehicles down in urban - areas of 30 kilometres an hour or less. In other situations, it is necessary to reduce speed with speed cameras and to separate oncoming traffic, junctions and vulnerable road users. All of those things can be done by engineering measures," Steve Proctor said. 

Proctor is with TMS Consultancy - a global road safety and traffic management agency. 

He's been hosting a workshop in Durban on measures to reduce the number of road crashes here. 

Proctor says South Africa's case is unlike other parts of the world - in that safety measures also need to take pedestrians into consideration on busy highways, dirt roads and in rural areas.

"There are so many people who walk to work - and walk long distances. In that situation, they are extremely vulnerable. Some of those solutions are beyond road safety to be honest," Proctor said.  

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