Another device found at Woolworths Gateway

Another device found at Woolworths Gateway

Police have confirmed the discovery of yet another suspicious device at Woolworths Gateway, this morning.

woolworths device gateway sat

They say it did not detonate and that it has since been removed by the Explosives Unit.

This is the second device found at the store this week and brings the total number of devices found at different Woolworths branches in and around Durban since Thursday - to three.

One was found at Woolworths The Pavilion in the early hours of Thursday morning, after a fire broke out there.

Later that morning, another one was found at Woolworths Gateway.

A Woolworths spokesperson says that this morning, it took precautionary measures and immediately evacuated its Gateway store in order to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

“Authorities were called in to investigate and assist with the matter,” it says.

Woolworths says it is taking these incidents “incredibly seriously”.

“And we are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our people and our customers,” it says, “Due to the sensitivity of the investigation, we are unable to divulge the additional protection and detection measures we have put in place in our stores. We continue to work closely with the relevant authorities who are providing input and guidance.”

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