Angry Tongaat residents return to streets over water shortages

Angry Tongaat residents return to streets over water shortages

Frustrated Tongaat residents have been up in arms again about the ongoing water shortages there.

Tongaat residents protest again over water

They protested on the R102 on Wednesday. 

"They were burning tyres. Rubble was all over the road. The people were really angry in regards to the no water in the Tongaat area, mostly the Hambanathi area," says resident and community activist Teddy Naidoo. 

Naidoo says it's been more than two months and some areas still have little to no water.  

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"It's very hurtful to see that our municipality is not doing enough to assist the people of Tongaat. When I spoke to the angry protestors, they said to me, 'All we are asking for is we want running water in our taps'.”

The Tongaat Water Treatment Works was damaged during the floods.

Last month, mayor Mxolisi Kaunda said it would take five to six months to complete repairs.

Umgeni Water held a briefing on Wednesday on repair works to damaged water infrastructure.

Board chairperson Gabsie Mathenjwa says they have been looking for interim solutions to the water shortages. 

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"When sometimes no movement is seen on a human level, it is quick to understand that maybe nothing is being done. We have looked at how possible it is to maybe create further connections. 

"We have looked at all of that. We have been approached by eThekwini to look at a few options that they have. They actually provided us with that to say have a look at this and see if it is going to work."  


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