ANC's general council set for today

ANC's general council set for today

The ANC's fourth Annual General Council kicks off in Johannesburg today. 

ANC meeting
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Delegate registration is expected to be the main priority of the day. President Jacob Zuma is due to speak at a dinner at the Gallagher Estate this evening. 

It reviews ANC policies and programmes and is generally a good indicator of how the ANC's policy and therefore, the government's policy could change over the next few years. 

But the NGC doesn;t only affect policy - there are also political implications as it can carve the path for the next ANC leader and possibly South Africa's next president. 

Even though it's more than two years before a new leader will be elected, there are already rumours that lobbying is taking place. The issue of money politics links into this and is something many leaders have spoken out against. 

One of them is SACP leader, Blade Nzimande who, during the Cosatu march yesterday, lashed out to those who try and buy support.  


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