6 foetuses found in Durban CBD

6 foetuses found in Durban CBD

A child rights group, in Durban says government-led interventions are more necessary than ever. 

Police crime scene

It's been reacting to the grim discovery of six foetuses in central Durban over the weekend. 

They were wrapped in black bags - found in a bin near Albert Park. Police are investigating concealment of birth charges. 

Founder of the Bobbie Bear organisation, Jackie Branfield says they've seen a rise in the number of babies dumped or abandoned since the start of the lockdown.

"Just like in 1999, when the woman has the baby - she was scared, she had HIV/Aids, there was no assistance for her - she would think 'Well if this is life for me, I am not going to bring a child into it." 

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