21 die in Cameroon from locally made liquor

21 die in Cameroon from locally made liquor

Twenty-one people have died in Cameroon after consuming a locally produced alcoholic drink that can often be toxic, state radio said.

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A further 22 people are hospitalised in the eastern town of Abong-Bang after drinking odontol, CRTV said late Tuesday.

Authorities in the affected areas of eastern Cameroon banned the production and sale of the drink after the deaths.

Odontol is produced from palm wine, sugar and tree bark and sold outside of traditional shops at a low price. The alcohol content varies, and it can often be powerful.

CRTV said 18 people have died in the commune of Mindourou and three in Abong-Bang after consuming "a cursed drink called odontol".

It said some of the victims were women.

"When I see you (my) eyes start turning," Angeline, one of those hospitalised in Anong-Bang and who had consumed just "two glasses" of odontol, told CRTVC.

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