12 Tiger Brands employees at it's Durban bakery test positive for COVID-19

12 Tiger Brands employees at it's Durban bakery test positive for COVID-19

Tiger Brands Limited has confirmed that 12 employees who work in an administration office at its Durban bakery have tested positive for the coronavirus. 

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The Albany bakery closed its doors yesterday.

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Tiger Brands spokesperson, Nevashnee Naicker says an employee was advised to seek medical attention, after informing one of her bosses she felt ill with flu-like symptoms.

"A COVID-19 test was conducted, and the results were received on Thursday 09 April, confirming COVID-19. As per the NICD protocol, all employees who had come into close contact with the individual were identified and sent for precautionary testing and self-isolation as they were asymptomatic. The testing was subsequently extended to all staff in the admin building where the first patient worked. These results were received yesterday 15 April. "

Management says all employees - who had shown no symptoms - but came in contact with the woman were sent for precautionary testing and told to self-isolate.

Since then, all staff in the admin building where the patient works have been tested.

Naicker says they received the results on Wednesday, which confirmed that 12 employees now have the respiratory disease.

She says they understand that the outbreak may leave consumers concerned.

But management says none of the staff, who tested positive for COVID-19, work on the production line in the bakery. They're also not involved in deliveries to customers.

Management says as far as it's aware, there's no risk to food safety and its bread manufacturing process is highly automated.

"COVID-19 is a novel virus and hence we are guided by the research provided by the Department of Health and the NICD, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other recognized disease control bodies globally."

"We would like to provide the following information to consumers regarding the safety of food. According to the WHO, NICD and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), there is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus."

"The World Health Organisation has stated that experiences from previous outbreaks of related coronaviruses shows that transmission through food consumption did not occur. Nonetheless, good food hygiene – such as washing your hands before handling food, and using clean utensils and cutting boards, is pivotal food safety behaviour and should be taken seriously."

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