The world is shocked and saddened by Paris tragedy

The world is shocked and saddened by Paris tragedy

We are waking up to very sad news this morning. Atleast 153 people have been killed in Paris terror attack.

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Residents and tourists were enjoying a soccer match between France and Germany when a suicide bomber then detonated an explosion outside the stadium, where three people died. 

Terrorists, some reportedly with AK-47s and some with bombs strapped to them attacked sites throughout the French capital.

156 have reportedly been killed leaving the world in shock and saddened by the attack on Paris. 

Heartfelt messages poured out across social media in response to the deadly attacks.

People around the world began rallying around the hashtag #PrayForParis as a way to express thoughts and prayers during the tragedy.

The world is praying for Paris. #PrayForParis

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❤️💙 #prayforparis 💙❤️

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Caught on a camera phone by chance, this video captures the moment a bomb went off outside the Stade de France in Paris:

Watch the full video here:

Attacks on Paris reportedly occurred at different sites across the city, including those shown in the map below:

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