Watch: 'Titanic' had an alternative ending and it's kind of cheesy

Watch: 'Titanic' had an alternative ending and it's kind of cheesy

A video showing an alternative ending for 'Titanic' has resurfaced online and fans think it would have ruined the film. 

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Titanic/ YouTube (Paramount Pictures)

The year 1997 was an eventful one. It was the year Princess Diana died in a car crash, the year the first 'Harry Potter' book debuted, and the year Paramount Pictures released one of its most successful movies - 'Titanic'. 

The film, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose, was a major success. It made a whopping $2-billion at the box office.

By now, millions of people know how 'Titanic' ends - with Rose secretly throwing her precious 'Heart of the Ocean'  diamond necklace overboard. 


In an alternative ending, Rose was caught in the act trying to dispose of the expensive piece of jewelry. 

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It's Rose's squeak for us! 

'Titanic' fans hate the alternative ending. 

"That was really awful. Part of what makes the existing ending work is that she kept the diamond all those years and nobody else knew. Without her secret intact, it opens the story up again when it needs to be closed. Cameron definitely made the correct choice," one Twitter user wrote. 

Forget the diamond necklace, some 'Titanic' fans still can't get over how Rose left Jack to freeze to death when there was enough room on the floating door for the both of them. 

But if we are keeping it real, Britney Spears had the perfect 'Titanic' ending.

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