Watch: Lorde releases 'Fallen Fruit' music video

Watch: Lorde releases 'Fallen Fruit' music video

Lorde is reminding us all that we need to take better care of the planet in the music video for her latest single.

Lorde 'Fallen Fruit' music video
Lorde in a scene from her 'Fallen Fruit' music video/ YouTube (Lorde)

Fans of New Zealand singer, Lorde, have described her 'Fallen Fruit' music video as a "masterpiece".  

The 24-year-old released the "visually stunning and disturbing" video this week. 'Fallen Fruit' is the fifth single off her album, 'Solar Power'. 

In keeping with the climate-conscious theme of the album, the video highlights what could happen to nature if humans continue to disrespect the environment. 

The beach featured in the video is the same one from her 'Solar Power' music video. The only difference is things are no longer as idyllic. 

"In the ‘Solar Power’ video, you were introduced to the island as a lush paradise — glistening water, blue skies, not a grain of sand out of place…" Lorde says

She adds: "Cut to: humans doing as they do, getting greedy, treating the land with disrespect and stripping it of its beauty. There’ll always [be] another pristine place to start again, right? The fishing boats are busted up and overturned. All that’s left of the peaches are their pits. Amid all that, my character makes a choice.”

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Lorde will be releasing a deluxe version of her 'Solar Power' album, on Friday.  The tracklist will include two bonus songs, 'Hold No Grudge' and 'Helen of Troy'.

The 'Royals' hitmaker continues to set the charts on fire with her new songs. 'Mood Ring' is currently at number four on the East Coast Radio Top 40.

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