Watch Daniel Radcliffe 'Escape From Pretoria' in new movie trailer

Watch Daniel Radcliffe 'Escape From Pretoria' in new movie trailer

The true story of how anti-apartheid activists Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee escaped from Pretoria Maximum Security Prison in the 1970s is coming to life on the big screen.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe in 'Escape From Pretoria'/ YouTuve

The official trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's new movie, 'Escape From Pretoria', has been released ahead of the film's 2020 premiere. 

The 'Harry Potter' actor plays Tim Jenkin, an anti-apartheid activist who was incarcerated at Pretoria Maximum Security Prison. 

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for handing out pamphlets that showed support for the ANC. The apartheid government had banned the party. 

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The political prisoner and his fellow inmates Stephen Lee - whom he met at a sociology class at the University of Cape Town - and Alex Moumbaris hatched a plan in 1979 to escape the heavily guarded facility. 

Tim, who is now in his 70s, and Stephen were both arrested on March 2, 1978. They had been under police surveillance for  some time and were nabbed moving printing equipment into their home. 

A year before their arrest, Tim and Stephen hung a huge banner that read "ANC LIVES" from a building in Cape Town.

A timed device they had set up saw hundreds of leaflets being distributed to the crowd below. 

Daniel spent several weeks in SA earlier this year shooting parts of the film. 

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