Watch: Adele drops 'I Drink Wine' music video

Watch: Adele drops 'I Drink Wine' music video

The visuals for Adele's song, 'I Drink Wine', dropped on Wednesday. 

Adele in her music video, 'I Drink Wine'/ YouTube

British singer Adele has released the official music video for her song, 'I Drink Wine'. The video, which is seven minutes long, dropped on Wednesday.

Adele is dressed in an off-the-shoulder gold dress as she drifts down a river in an inner tube while holding a glass of wine - which it turns out was actually filled with apple juice.  

The song features on Adele's fourth studio album, '30'. Adele revealed on Tuesday that she shot the 'I Drink Wine' video before 'Easy On Me' and 'Oh My God'. 

"The I Drink Wine video was the first one I shot for this album. And it’s finally coming out tomorrow!! I’m excited for you to see it and I can’t wait to see some of you tonight!" she wrote on Twitter.

"One of the best songs ever written! This song is magical in so many ways!!!!!!!!!" one Adele fan wrote on YouTube. 

Another user wrote: "Adele, once again this is an absolute masterpiece ill never get over how much i love you and everything you do, we are all so proud of you queen!!"

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The singer held a fan event called 'Happy Hour With Adele' on Wednesday for the premiere of the music video. One fan asked the star if she had listened to Taylor Swift's new album, 'Midnights'

“I haven’t. But the only reason I haven’t listened is ‘cause I’ve been in rehearsals for like 12 hours a f**king day. I'm sick and tired of anything musical. But, I think Taylor’s one of the greatest songwriters of our generation so I’ll definitely give it a listen," she replied. 

Adele revealed that her son is a big Swiftie. Billie Eilish is also one of his favourite musicians. "One time I was singing 'Happier Than Ever' and he was like, 'It just sounds better when Bille does it'...  'Happier Than Ever', we sing every morning on the way to school," the 34-year-old revealed.

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Watch the full video for Adele's magical new, 'I Drink Wine', music video.


Main image credit: YouTube/ Adele (I Drink Wine Music Video)

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