Vusi Nova on his struggles within the music industry

Vusi Nova on his struggles within the music industry

The star joined Jon Savage's ‘Whats Your Poison’ podcast and spoke about his early childhood memories that influenced his music and why it took so long for him to break into the music industry.

Vusi Nova
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Award-winning singer Vusi Nova is one of the most celebrated artists of our time.

The singer says his love for music goes back to his early days as a young boy who was raised by his grandmother.

“I come from a musical background. My grandmother was in the church choir. My early memories of music really is being amongst the choir at church on my grandmother’s lap in Port Elizabeth.

“I grew up and there was music all around,” he told Savage.

Nova says growing up wasn’t easy.

“There was 15 people in our house in PE and it was one bedroom,” said the star.

He says growing up poor is what gave him the push to succeed today.

Nova spoke about how his mom’s death when he was 21 pushed him to find comfort in drugs.

The singer says before his mother’s death he was already addicted to drugs, but the mourning process made it worse because his mother left him a huge inheritance.

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“I really got addicted to crack cocaine and this went on for years.

“That was my way of grieving, I was just spending money,” said the singer.

The ‘Ndikuthandile’ hitmaker says he only managed to deal with his drug problem recently.

Nova says it took him a long time to make it into the music industry because of having no one to mentor him.

“There is a thing about this industry where people that are in already don’t try to help anyone else. It’s like they want to keep the people that are out, out, you know, and I think that’s so sad because there is really space for everyone and I feel that we are all different in our different ways. The cake is big enough for everyone,” he said.

The multi-award-winning star has thanked Ringo Madlingozi for influencing his music and helping him on his journey.

“Ringo is one of my inspirations, my idol, you know, just my everything. He is part of the reason I sing today.

“Throughout my career he sort of guided me,” said the singer.

“Whenever I’d get stuck on something, I’d call him and say: 'I’ve got this problem, how do I handle it?' and he’s always been open to giving me advice which is a rare thing to find when it comes to this industry. People are very, very fake,” he added.

Nova said he is a perfectionist and always gets nervous before a performance.

"I’m such a perfectionist. I want everything to go my way and the right way,” he said.

Watch the rest of the interview below. 

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