VIDEO: Sandra Bullock rapping!

VIDEO: Sandra Bullock rapping!

We know that Sandra Bullock is a mind-blowing actress. But now the Gravity star has proved she can rap like a boss too!


We know that Sandra Bullock can act really well (and she’s got an Oscar to prove it) but what we didn’t know she’s a budding rap star! I’d watch my back if I were you, Eminem!

The 49-year old actress was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show in the UK last night and stunned the British host and the audience with her rapping skills.

Sandra revealed she learnt the words of Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight to impress a boy when she was in high school. And some things stick – she’s never forgotten them!

Bullock added that she and George Clooney practiced the song together during their downtime on the set of Gravity.

The actress has been giving fans insight into her longtime friendship with Clooney, revealing that her son, Louis, requests man-time with Clooney, that the star once played a prank that ruined her dress, and the reason the two of them never dated is because they are "too similar."

Check out Bullock’s rap video below…

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