‘Live Your Dream’ creates a platform for artists to showcase their talent

‘Live Your Dream’ creates a platform for artists to showcase their talent

The auditions for the television show will be held this upcoming weekend in Durban. 

International ARTS Talent Showcase
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Talent agency head, Elsubie Verlinden, has spent the better half of her long-standing career helping others to achieve their dreams. Director of 33 and Me Talent Agency, she works closely with actors, singers, models, dancers and voice-over artists, developing their skills in their separate faculties and assisting them with business opportunities where possible.

After years of success, working closely with young hopefuls and educating them with the belief that anything is possible, she now wishes to share the message with a broader audience. In doing so, Verlinden has secured her own television show, ‘Live Your Dream’, which is set for launch in July this year. The aim is to inspire young, new, and aspiring talent to live out their own unique dream.

Verlinden explains: “In short, the program will be insightful, educational and inspirational. It will share the stories of hopeless dreamers that become victorious do'ers with the guided help of33 and Me Talent Agency. Through years of experience, we have created platforms where creatives can launch their career paths both locally and internationally.”

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The ‘Live Your Dream’ programme runs hand in hand with the ‘Be Your Dream’ TV Show on ViaTV Channel 147. The show will host numerous workshops and educational training sessions alongside live screenings of the company’s annual auditions for The International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS). Every year the IATS gives local entertainers a platform to showcase their talent to top international talent scouts from across the globe, bridging the gap between Africa and the world.

A mother of three, owner of four organisations, and local TV presenter, Verlinden has been a warrior in a time when heroes are much needed. She continues to bring hope, motivation, and empowerment to artists all over Africa.

Verlinden says: “Our objective is to inspire and equip young creatives in our country to step up and own their purpose, to live out their dream wholeheartedly despite their social or economic background.”

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‘Live Your Dream’ will launch in July and be broadcast on Via TV twice a month on Saturdays at 12:00.

Audition dates for the IATS are as follows:

4 June – Online (open to the whole of Africa)

12 June – Durban

16 June – Gauteng

18 June – Online

19 June – Nelspruit

26 June – East London

2 July – Online

3 July – Kathu

10 July – Gauteng

24 July – Port Elizabeth

If you are an actor, singer, model, dancer or voice-over artist and would like to participate in the IATS auditions, email [email protected]

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