Twitter users react to Drake's new Lil Wayne tattoo

Twitter users react to Drake's new Lil Wayne tattoo

Twitter users think Drake has taken his bromance with Lil Wayne a little too far! 

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Drake unveiled a very interesting tattoo on his arm this week. The 'Signs' hitmaker got fellow rapper Lil Wayne's face tattooed on his arm!

The Canadian star showed off his new ink while partying in Houston, Texas, several days ago. 

Drake looks up to Lil Wayne, and for good reason. 

Weezy helped Drake secure a record deal with Young Money, and he is now one of the label's top artists. 

Lil Wayne is reportedly “beyond floored and honoured” by Drake's tattoo,  which was apparently done five months ago during an overseas trip. 

He is not the only famous person to be honoured with an inking. 

Singers Sade and Aaliyah (who passed away in August 2001) also have special spots on Drake's body. 

While his previous tattoos were well received, not everyone is feeling his Lil Wayne portrait.

Twitter users had some of the best reactions to the tattoo.

"Drake has the worst tattoo track record in the game," one user tweeted. 

Would you get a picture of someone you loved or admired tattooed on your body? 

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