Trolls mock David Beckham for kissing daughter on the lips

Trolls mock David Beckham for kissing daughter on the lips

Social media users are defending David Beckham after he was slammed for kissing his nine-year-old daughter on the lips. "Stop shaming fathers for being affectionate with their kids." 

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David Beckham and his daughter Harper/ Instagram

David Beckham's love for his children is evident in all the family pictures he posts on social media. 

But one sweet snap shared on his wife's Instagram page caused a major debate about whether parents should kiss their children on the lips. 

"The best daddy," Victoria Beckham captioned the picture of David and their daughter Harper. 

"David, that kind of kiss with your daughter... It is pretty weird," one Instagram user commented. 

Another added: "Lips are for couples." 

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The best daddy💕 @davidbeckham #HarperSeven X

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But many people came to the former Manchester United player's defence, saying there was nothing "weird" about the innocent kiss.

"I’m getting scunnered on David Beckham’s behalf – stop shaming fathers for being affectionate with their kids. PS and where were the critics when our *grannies* were plastering our lips with kisses, eh? Eh?" one person commented. 

Many also thanked the Beckhams for showing the world how beautiful parenting can be. 

"To all ppl saying 'don’t kiss your daughter on her lips, it’s inappropriate' - I feel seriously sorry for you because apparently you never had a very close and deep loving relationship with your parents! How prude can some people be?!?"

It's not the first time David has come under fire for showing his daughter affection. He made headlines in 2017 after people lost it when he was seen kissing Harper during a family holiday. 

"I kiss all my kids on the lips," the 45-year-old hit back. 

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