Trevor Noah's granny misses his show due to load shedding

Trevor Noah's granny misses his show due to load shedding

Blame it on load shedding! Trevor's gogo admits she doesn't watch 'The Daily Show'. 

Trevor Noah and his gogo Koko
Trevor Noah and his grandmother Koko / YouTube

Trevor Noah's grandmother Koko says she often misses out on his TV show and it is all thanks to load shedding. 

The comedian visited his gogo in Soweto during his trip to South Africa for the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. He took his 'The Daily Show' crew along with him to capture their meeting. 

The 91-year-old revealed what Trevor was like as a child and shared details about the family's life during apartheid. She said she was sometimes fearful of him playing outside. 

"When you were with me here. Oh, Trevor you gave me a tough time. Because you wanted to play in the street and I knew the flying squad was going to take you," she told him. 

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The 34-year-old then asked his gogo if she watched his popular US TV show. 

"No, Trevor," she said, before telling him about load shedding. Trevor could not contain his laughter.

"My granny said she doesn't watch my show because sometimes the electricity cuts out, which is a very plausible excuse and a nice way to let your grandson down."

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Koko replied that she was not letting him down and insisted load shedding was to blame.

"Even yesterday we had no electricity," she said.

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Trevor promised to get her a generator so she would not miss the show in future.

Watch their interview below:

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