Trevor Noah talks marriage: "I’m a big advocate for not living together"

Trevor Noah talks marriage: "I’m a big advocate for not living together"

Trevor Noah has some very unconventional views about marriage and cohabiting.

South African comedian Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah / Instagram

South African comedian Trevor Noah might be single and ready to mingle, but don't expect him to shack up with any potential partners in the future.

'The Daily Show' host has revealed that he does not believe that couples should live together... even if they are married.

“I’m a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you’re married. I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships break up is because of this cohabiting bulls**t that we’ve come to believe is the way relationships are supposed to be," he said on 'The Howard Stern Show'. 

The stand up comedian said he is not opposed to marriage but he is currently focused on work.

Whoever Trevor dates can expect him to be honest about his views right from the get-go. 

"When we meet people we should tell them who we are. Be honest. You should have the person love you or hate you for who you are, not for who you portray yourself to be," he said. 

Trevor split from his girlfriend Jordyn Taylor in late 2018. The model confirmed the end of their relationship during a Q&A on Instagram in January 2019. 

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Twitter users are not buying Trevor's views about marriage.

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of for so many reasons. He sounds immature," one Twitter user wrote.

Another user said cohabiting was not the reason people get divorced.

"Dating is how you suss out who a person really is. The divorce rate is so high because people don't use logic & reason in picking a mate, rush into marriage without knowing the other person & afterward they do not treat kindly. And the idea of not cohibitating is so loveless." 

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