ECR's top 5 podcasts this week - 8/03 - 15/03

ECR's top 5 podcasts this week - 8/03 - 15/03

Keri Miller's personal, emotional revelations on East Coast Breakfast with Darren Maule, and the subsequent follow-up stories, caught the imagination of East Coasters this week. Here're ECR's most popular podcasts  - based on what you listened to most - for the past seven days (Friday 8 to 15 March.)

Keri Miller podcasts

A Durban North vegan restaurant, Oh My Soul Café, is currently in a tussle with a fast-food chicken giant over the use of the word 'soul' in their brand name. Thandolwethu chatted to both sides to hear their perspectives.

5. Durban vegan cafe in name war with fast-food giant

4. 'I am a Racist' - Poem by Irene Munthree

Thandolwethu came across a poem that caught her attention in a big way. It's called 'I am a Racist' - and it's by Irene Munthree. Before you make a judgement about the situation, take a listen here...

3. Darren and Sky have a surprise for Keri ahead of her procedure

This past Wednesday (13 March) was a big day in Keri's life. Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala managed to get someone special on the line to wish her well ahead of her procedure.

2. Keri Miller speaks to her surgeon about her procedure

Keri spoke to her surgeon, Dr Paul McGarr, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon - about the procedure she was to soon undergo. Keri opened up about her insecurities...

1. Keri Miller shares her personal story on air

The week began with a very personal story from Keri Miller on East Coast Breakfast.  She broke with her usual content to talk about something very close to hear heart. Keri wanted to open up to the team and KZN about the insecurities that she has been struggling with. Darren and Sky were extremely supportive of her, and are certainly very proud. Keri underwent the procedure on Wednesday and will be back on the air on Monday.

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