Toni’s epic wardrobe malfunction

Toni’s epic wardrobe malfunction

Toni Braxton’s skirt fell apart at the back during a concert in New Jersey last week, giving her fans a whole lot more than they paid to see! Watch the video footage here.


What’s worse than having a wardrobe malfunction? Having a wardrobe malfunction and not knowing about it! 

R&B star Toni Braxton was left red-faced after she shimmied a little too hard during a US gig, causing her teeny, sparkly skirt to come right off at the back.

And get this, Toni had no idea what had happened! In fact she went on singing for quite some time, oblivious to the screams of her fans every time she turned around.

While the 45-year-old was wearing a nude g-string cut bodyskirt underneath the sparkly gown, the undergarment left little to the imagination.

Halfway through the performance, Toni realised the slip and tried to pull up her skirt but couldn’t.

In the end, it was easier for Braxton to ditch the dress altogether.

One of her dancers then came to her rescue and gave her his jacket to cover up.

Check out the embarrassing incident below…



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