Ten-year-old songstress uses music to inspire

Ten-year-old songstress uses music to inspire

Chrissy J de Beer may be young in age, but she is wise beyond her years.

Chrissy J De Beer Song

Chrissy J de Beer, 10, has just released her third single to date and the song, Beautiful Life, is all about finding positive things to hold onto when times are rough.

She says: “The pandemic really opened my eyes. As a young girl, I want the world to know that children also understand the impact of the pandemic and most recently, the impact of the war.”

Chrissy points out that everything you see on TV or hear on the radio nowadays is negative or sad. Social media and online news is no different.

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“Realising that we need to find a way to deal with the negativity around us, I found that escaping reality and dreaming of a perfect world through uplifting music allowed me to feel better about what was going on around us and helped me to face reality with a positive attitude,” the songstress explains.

When times get tough, the tween dreams about a world full of candy.

“I dream about a world filled with my favourite candy and that makes me feel less sad,” she says.

“In life there will always be negative circumstances but there is equally as much beauty.”

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Chrissy hopes to use her music as a means to inspire people, to let them know that it is okay to feel sad and that there is still enough goodness in the world to carry a smile on your face.

She says: “I hope this song reaches enough people to make a difference in their lives.”

In Beautiful Life, Chrissy sings: “There’s magic in the wishing well, don’t be afraid to go down.”

A wishing well signifies something that can make dreams come true and so the singer urges her fans to go on and find their happy place, even if they’re too scared to search for it.

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Since music is a universal language, Chrissy hopes to use her music to motivate others through the messages in her lyrics, and in doing so, remaining as authentic as possible.

The songstress is continually working on new music and hopes to make a considerable and life-changing contribution to the local music scene.

She concludes: “There are so many talented artists in South Africa. We have a very vibrant art and culture scene.”

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