Sophie Ndaba on hospitalisation: 'It could have been worse'

Sophie Ndaba on hospitalisation: 'It could have been worse'

Sophie Ndaba is dishing out some words of wisdom from her hospital bed. "Some storms are not there to break you, [they] are there to slow you down," she says.

Sophie Ndaba in a hospital bed
Sophie Ndaba/ Instagram (@sophiendaba_)

Actress Sophie Ndaba is sharing some words of wisdom from her hospital bed. 

The former 'Generations' star took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal that she was admitted after breaking her ankle. 

She says she slipped and snapped her ankle while putting on a dress at home. Sophie says her mind was preoccupied with something that was bothering her, and she was not fully focused on the task at hand.

"One minute, I'm walking, and one minute, I've got a broken ankle," she said in a video. 

Sophie woke up in the hospital feeling grateful. 

"You know, sometimes God just wants to shake you a little and allows certain things to happen... I just want to remind you that some storms are not there to break you, like my broken ankle, I think some storms are just there to remind you to slow," she said.

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Sophie adds that the experience taught her some valuable life lessons. 

"When I looked at the process of the operation and I looked at the process of putting steel things in my ankle and the process of the cement and crutches being brought to me, I realised that life is a process."

The actress says she has decided to embrace the situation. 

"When I look at where I'm coming from... I'm like dear Lord, what is a broken ankle? I still have my life, I still have my humour, and I still have so much to be thankful for, so I just want to take this opportunity to thank God. It could have been worse."

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Sophie Ndaba Diabetes

Sophie's health and well-being have taken a knock over the years. The businesswoman, who was diagnosed with diabetes more than a decade ago, has been the victim of cruel jokes. 

She lost a lot of weight over the years, causing some online users to claim she was seriously ill and on death's door. Some even went as far as creating horrible death hoaxes

Sophie has spent the past several years using her platform to educate people about diabetes and their overall wellness. 

"'You Are What You Eat'. You can have all the money in the world, but without good health, you have no life!" she wrote in an Instagram #WellnessWednesday post.

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