Somizi shares powerful message about jealously

Somizi shares powerful message about jealously

"You're a witch!" Somizi says celebrating someone's downfall is pure "evil".

Somizi and Mohale
Somizi and Mohale / Instagram

Somizi shared an important PSA for people who take pleasure in watching others suffer. The 48-year-old says jealousy is an ugly trait that can stop your blessing. 

"You are just as good as a witch... part of witchcraft is when you rejoice in someone's else downfall. That's evil. That's demonic. 

"If you do that, whether the person is sick, whether the person has HIV, whether the person's marriage is crumbling... and you find joy in that, you are evil. You are Satan wear the same tags to that VIP of hell," he said in a video shared on Instagram. 

Somizi added that rejoicing in someone's misfortune will not add value to your life in any way. 

"Do you laugh at somebody's downfall and when you open your fridge, your fridge is full... when you check your bank balance has your balance quadrupled?"

The 'Idols SA' judge says having empathy will add blessings to your life. 

"You wonder why your things never come together. Think about it.  ........ you are where you are right now and that is behind. You could have been further. But the blessing says I ain't blessing that nonsense." 

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Somizi also had a message for those going through a difficult patch in their lives. 

"Listen, my brother, little my sister. We are all going through the most at some point in time of our lives. It's how we handle what we are going through and for me, you would have lost the battle if you believe the battle is bigger than you. 

"You would have lost the battle, if the concern around what you are going through is what Somizi is going to think about you, what Somizi is going to say about you, you have lost the battle."

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