Somizi Mhlongo: “It’s lonely at the top”

Somizi Mhlongo: “It’s lonely at the top”

Somizi took to Instagram to share how lonely he has been feeling and the reason behind his situation.

Somizi wearing black and white top
Somizi wearing black and white top/ iStock

Reality TV star Somizi Mhlongo has taken to social media to share how lonely it can get at the top. 

The choreographer shared a video on Instagram where he explained his loneliness. 

“You know when they say, ‘it’s lonely at the top’, I get it, I really get it, I can relate,” said the star. 

Somizi was returning from the gym when he shared the video and spoke about how he couldn’t get any of his friends to chill with him because they were all at work. 

“Look now, I come from the gym, I am alone, all my friends are at 9 to 5,” he said.

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In 2021, Somizi lost his radio presenting gig after allegations of abuse surfaced. He was also removed from 'Idols SA' following allegations from his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, who claimed Somizi physically abused him. 

Somizi said he wished to chill with his friends, but none of them were available. 

“I want to play tennis, but no one is available, I want to go and have brunch, no one is available, I want to go horseback riding, no one is available,” he added.

The star then said he wished Patrice Motsepe was his friend. 

“How I wish Motsepe was my bestie because wow,” he said in a video he posted.

Watch him below:

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