Singer Oxlade explains how Drake made his music career blossom

Singer Oxlade explains how Drake made his music career blossom

Oxlade says it is the "Drake effect" that has made him a household name in Nigeria and the world at large. 

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Oxlade is one of the most talented musicians of our time and is putting Africa on the map. 

The 24-year-old Afrobeats artist from Lagos started his professional music career three years ago, but he has achieved what many will only aspire to. 

The 'Ojuju' hitmaker has thanked Drake for helping promote his music career. 

Oxlade was speaking to the AllHipHop publication, where he revealed that it took Drake sharing his song on social media for the world to get to know him.  

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Oxlade says Drake shared his ‘Away’ song on his Instagram stories in 2020 and as a result, millions of people streamed the song. Within a day of Drake sharing the song on his IG, the song received three-million streams. 

“He screenshotted the song on Apple Music and he posted it on his story. 

“Ever since then, it’s been really crazy for me. I had three million streams the next day,” Oxlade explained. 

“Extra, that’s the Drake effect, man. Everybody needs the Drake effect,” said the musician. 

He revealed that he has thanked Drake for what he did for him and hopes for a collaboration with the star soon.

Watch the song that caught the attention of Drake below. 

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