Sexy Oprah lookalike confuses Twitter users

Sexy Oprah lookalike confuses Twitter users

No, Oprah Winfrey's "nudes" did not leak on the internet. Here's what really happened.

Oprah AFP Anthony HARVEY / AFP
Anthony HARVEY / AFP

An Oprah Winfrey lookalike almost broke the internet this week thanks to a steamy bedroom picture that left Twitter users' jaws on the floor.

Nigerian artist Damilola 'L.A.X' Afolabi posted a picture on Twitter that showed him lying in bed with a woman who looked a lot like Oprah.

What happened to Stedman? Why is Oprah "wilding" on the internet? Are these Oprah's old nudes? Those were just some of the questions that Twitter users asked after viewing the image. 

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Despite looking like Oprah, the young woman in the picture is not the queen of talk. 

Twitter users couldn't believe their eyes.

"I thought this was Oprah. Had to look through the comments to see it was Moet OPARA," one wrote. 

Another Twitter user joked L.A.X kidnapped Oprah for his photoshoot.

"Are you holding Oprah against her will?" the tweep asked.

Take a look at a pic of the real Oprah:

What do you think? Does this woman look like a younger version of Oprah?

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Main picture courtesy of Twitter/@izzlax

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